Frequently Asked Questions

What material are your gloves made of?

Cowabunga Gloves are made from premium grade cabretta leather. This is the best quality leather available. This is the same leather worn by professional golfers on the PGA Tour. Cabretta leather offers the best feeling while still being flexible making it ideal for golf gloves. We wouldn't settle for anything less than the best and neither should you. 

Which hand do I order?

Buying golf gloves can be confusing. You are right handed, but you buy a left handed glove. Whoever made the rule that you could only wear one glove, why not wear two?  To clarify for those who want to be traditional, a right handed golfer wears a left handed glove. If you are a lefty, you should buy a right handed glove. 

How does your sizing work?

Our sizing is similar to the major golf companies. If you wear a Cadet Large in Titliest or Foot Joy, then you will likely wear a Cowabunga Large. Our gloves are designed for the optimum fit and feel. It may feel a little tight when you first put it on, but that's how we designed it to fit. After a few swings you'll be telling all your friends how good your Cowabunga Golf Glove feels! If you prefer a looser fit simply go up a size.

What if my glove doesn't fit?

If you think your glove is too tight or loose don't worry. Just reach out to us and let us know via email or phone. We will send you the right size and help you return the glove that didn't fit properly. 

When will my glove ship?

Congratulations you just bought the best golf glove and should receive an order confirmation email immediately. If you haven’t received a confirmation email reach out to you.  We will send you a shipping confirmation email once your Cowabunga Golf Glove ships out. You glove should ship out within 24 hours of your order being placed. We can't wait to send these bad boys out to you!

What makes Cowabunga the Best Golf Glove around?

Cowabunga is the best golf glove not just because it is made from the highest quality materials. We also looked to improve the manufacturing process. The seams in our gloves are sewn with the tightest stitching in the industry. This results in a golf glove that is stronger and more durable than the competition. We wanted our gloves to stand out and speak for themselves. Our custom designed patterns make our gloves anything except for another boring white glove. We know are gloves are the best and are willing to put our money where our mouth is. If you don't absolutely love your Cowabunga Golf Glove let us know. Our gloves come with a 30 day money back guarantee! Can other golf gloves say that?