Golf Gloves With Style

Since its inception the golf glove has remained relatively unchanged.

The golf glove was created to allow for improved grip of the golf club.

The thickness of the leather may have changed to improve the feel, but at the core a golf glove today is not much different than the golf glove your great grandpa might have played with.

Sure modern advances in technology have led to increased flexibility through stretchy materials, but the look has not changed much.

If you took a video at a driving range today and made it black and white, you would have a tough time distinguishing it from a similar video 100 years ago.

The look of the golf glove has changed that little.

For years the golf glove has been sold as an accessory aimed to improve your grip and maintain control, but corporations have missed something so basic.

Stuck in their old ways of sponsorship, corporations have spent millions getting professional golfers to wear their brand’s logo in hopes you will buy their products.

This is a major reason why the main difference between golf gloves available is the logo on the strap.

In their pursuit of professional golfers, they have overlooked the most basic definition of an accessory.

“Something added to something else to make it more attractive.”

As a result, creativity and innovation have suffered for too long.

Have you ever wondered why women have so many purses?

It’s because they use them as an accessory to match and improve their outfit.

Why has the golf glove remained focused on simply function?

That’s the same question I found myself asking.

The best I could come up with was “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

Their old way of selling golf gloves has worked for years, so why would they risk changing the design.

While they profit it’s the customers that suffer from the lack of options in design.

That’s why I decided to start my own company that would shake up the golf industry and put a creative spin on golf gloves.

I wanted to create a golf glove that added style to your outfit.

Something that would stand out in a sea of white golf gloves with corporate logos.

And so Cowabunga Golf was born.

I created the first golf glove to feature a full design.

As an obsessed golfer myself, I didn’t want to create a golf glove I wouldn’t use myself.

This is why I am dedicated to not only making the glove look amazing, but also that it is the highest quality glove available.

I selected high quality cabretta leather for the palm of the glove because it is some of the softest available and the same stuff used by the pros.

To make sure these gloves last round after round, I teamed up with skilled artisans who handcraft each glove with attention to detail.

People can still make mistakes, which is why every glove is double checked and given the Cowabunga seal of approval before we send them to you.

If you are ready to make the switch and play with a golf glove designed to improve your confidence, we are happy to help with four new styles in stock.

Tee Off In Style!

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