Men's Glove Sizing Guide

Follow our sizing guide to ensure you get the right fit. Golf Gloves are suppose to fit tight so your hand doesn't slip around, but you don't want them too tight. To find the perfect fit, measure the length from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm and the width of your palm as shown below. Then reference our sizing guide below.

Hand Length

Palm Width

Recommended Glove Size




7.25" 3.75" Medium
7.5" 3.875" Medium/Large
7.75" 4" Large
8" 4.125" Extra-Large 


The measurements indicated in the chart above are the maximum size of each glove. Cowabunga Golf Gloves are made from premium grade leather and will conform to your hand shape over time. When in doubt, pick the glove size that will fit best based off your palm width. We offer free size exchanges, so worst case scenario we send you the correct size if the glove you ordered doesn't fit.